Eva Amurri Martino’s healthy kitchen habits—from goat’s milk to stocking citrus

refrigerator_lookbook_eva_amurri_martino Eva Amurri Martino didn’t fall into the obsessive tizzy that’s typical of health-conscious mothers-to-be when she was pregnant with her daughter Marlowe.

Instead, Martino—an actress whose face you may know from NBC’s Undateable or because of her striking resemblance to Susan Sarandon (AKA “Mom”)—says she decided her focus would be on finding balance.

Food is a big part of that balance: Martino and her husband make time for fresh, organic meals together with their daughter by using a simple strategy: prep, prep, and more prep. “[Parenting] made me realize it’s the long game that we’re looking at here, and you want to make things easier for yourself,” she says, adding that while educating her daughter about health and nutrition is important, theirs is not a restrictive “rules” house when it comes to food.

Above all, Martino says she tries to keep it simple with a single goal: “Make my life more beautiful on a daily basis,” an approach she documents on her lifestyle blog, Happily Eva After, and chatted with us about, here.—Kara Griffin

How would you describe your family cooking style? What I feed my family is always organic, and I do a lot of planning ahead. It’s usually simple and delicious but made at the end of a long day.

Eva fridge I notice both goat’s milk AND goat’s yogurt. Is there a reason for all the goat dairy? I’m allergic to dairy, so I’ve found that goat dairy is a great alternative for me. I’ve had this allergy from a really young age so I’ve been cautious about giving to Marlowe. I love goat milk in my coffee.

What do you put the almond milk in? Kyle primarily drinks the almond milk. He uses it for protein shakes and smoothies, and I use it on my cereal.

Tell me about the pepperoni bites. I entertain a lot. We’re one of those families that will always have people swinging by. So I like to keep the party trays in case someone comes by and wants to have a cocktail.

Looks like you have leftovers and food prepped. What are in the glass containers? There’s mac and cheese for the baby. I’ll usually have some steamed veggies and chicken. The green container is Buster’s Famous Green Fish Sauce from my blog. I make extra and use it as a salad dressing. We’re a big Thai food family when we order in, so I’m sure there’s a container of that too.

I see some citrus and cheese in the drawers. What else is in there? There’s broccoli, cucumber, and a lot of carrots because I just boil them and Marlowe goes to town. Cilantro is in there too—I use that a lot. I always have citrus on hand because I use it in everything from salad dressing to hot water in the morning. It’s also great as an acid for a farmers market veggie sauté. I have a lemon tree in my yard in case I forget it at the store.

And Tecate and rosé to cap off your evening? I bet you can guess who drinks what! I’m a huge rosé fan. I’m so glad it’s back in style now! Rosé is finally chic again. I like putting ice cubes in it and almost make it a spritzer because one glass of wine is all I can get away with while being a mom. My husband likes to have beer in the house, and Tecate is his choice.

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