Everyone loves this new Brooklyn restaurant—which happens to be really healthy

Faro Bucatini w chicken 2 lo by Michael TulipanBrooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood has no shortage of farm-to-table restaurants, with Roberta’s, Northeast Kingdom, Blanca, and now, Faro.

The dining destination is the brainchild of executive chef Kevin Adey (formerly of Northeast Kingdom) and it’s been getting lots of love and foodie press for its flavorful fare. But its healthy attributes are just as impressive—and related.

Faro aims to be a “celebration of grains,” Adey says, milling locally sourced organic semolina wheat on-site each day and also offering gluten-free versions of the pastas on the menu made with a rice flour and corn starch blend.

“We really make an effort to seek out organic and biodynamic ingredients, and have complete transparency regarding how we source our food,” he explains. “Our menu is very grain-centric, but I offer a gluten-free pasta option because diners who have Celiac should be able to eat pasta like everyone else.” (Amen.)

Faro DR 1 lo by Michael TulipanAnd while you can order said pasta in amazing combinations like gnudi with shishito peppers, labneh, and mint or squid ink strozzapreti, other dishes shine, too, like pan-roasted scallops with kohlrabi, apple, and spiced cashew and fire-roasted butternut squash with whipped chevre, sage oil, and oat crumble.

Plus, most of the ingredients are sourced from local and organic farms upstate. “Instead of trying to source out-of-season vegetables like tomatoes in winter, why not eat a fresh, seasonal root vegetable like a rutabaga?” Adey says. “We should be working with Mother Nature.” And eating what’s she’s serving is no problem when it tastes like this.

The space itself is reminiscent of a trendy restaurant you’d find in Oakland, California, or Portland, Oregon, with a minimal, industrial design and high ceilings that make you forget the cramped subway car version of New York City and a noise level that doesn’t interfere with good dinner conversation. All of this makes it a good date spot or a place for dinner with the parents (especially if they’re picking up the bill, because unfortunately eating local and seasonal ain’t cheap). —Jamie McKillop

Faro, 436 Jefferson St., Brooklyn, NY, 11237, farobk.com

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(Photos: Faro)

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