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You leave the gym with every intention of cooking an elaborate, healthy dinner when you get home. But by the time you get there, ordering take-out from your couch is about all the effort you can muster.

Sound familiar? Kettlebell Kitchen is about to be your new BFF. The fitness-focused delivery service sends fresh, protein-packed meals to your apartment, office, or favorite fitness studio—so you always have nutritious food on hand (and never have to resort to last-minute pizza or soggy meal-prepped salad again).

And this isn’t just your standard take-out. You also get access to a team of nutritionists who will craft you a custom meal plan tailored to your specific fitness goals, whether that’s muscle gain, fat loss, or both. (Psst, some Kettlebell Kitchen loyalists have seen results in as little as two weeks.)

Ready to give it a shot? We’re hooking you up with 50 percent off your first order with code WELL50. Goals. Crushed.

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