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Photo: Stocksy/Jeremy Pawlowski

If you think you take your pre- and post-workout fueling seriously (with a gold medal-worthy snack drawer at work), imagine if your entire career depended on it. Now that the Winter Olympics are less than a month away, the dining hall at Olympic Village in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is fully prepped to take on all the athletes’ dietary requests, needs, and ritualistic meals.

What exactly does it take to keep the world’s best bodies in competition-ready shape? The dining hall—which will be open 24/7—has a hefty 18-page menu full of options. A sampling: Fresh veggies and a whole range of protein options (duh), a pizza and pasta bar, regional Korean fare, halal food, and even McDonald’s. (You’d think that each athlete would have a finely tuned nutrition regimen, filled with adaptogens and supergreens—but if downing a pizza topped with anchovies and ranch dressing helps you win, the Olympic committee is not going to judge you, it turns out.) And for breakfast, there’s a selection of pastries or dry cereal.

So no matter how strict—or lax—an athlete is with his or her diet, there’s an option. Or, you know, if you come in dead last and want to console yourself with a bowl full of spaghetti and plate piled high with cookies, that’ll be there for you, too.

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