Getting healthy meals delivered to your door just got a lot easier

FoodKick Pizza Night In New York City, delivery is great if you want a cheeseburger and fries at 9 p.m., pancakes with a side of bacon at 1 a.m., or a 12-pack at 3 a.m.

But in the city that never sleeps, ordering something that won’t leave grease stains on your couch (and next-day breakouts on your face) can be quite the challenge.

Enter FoodKick, a new on-demand food delivery app from Fresh Direct that can bring bone broth and superfood smoothies to your door (as long as it’s in Brooklyn or Long Island City) within an hour, with time slots ranging from 6 a.m. to midnight. Manhattan is next on the list, says the company.

“We learned how much people are living on-demand—that really motivated [FoodKick’s] strategy, which is getting people the right food for the right moment,” says head food merchant Jason Lepes,

FoodKick Go Gluten-Free- Pasta Swaps While the app itself isn’t limited to just healthy options (you can still order that pizza from Roberta’s, no judgment), its curated selection skews good-for-you—with a strong local bent.

That means NYC favorites like The Squeeze and Indie Fresh are available, no subway ride necessary, while artisanal upstarts with Food Kick exclusives (including Splendid Spoon and Hungry Root) are just a tap away.

Prefer to make dinner yourself, but don’t want to wait a week for your Fresh Direct delivery? The app also features healthy pantry staples (like gluten-free pasta from Banza or chia Greek yogurt from Epic Seed) and curates a section dedicated to produce that’s in season, so you can get some fresh pitaya for the next morning’s smoothie bowl without ever leaving the house.

Which is something that FoodKick believes separates it from the delivery app pack. “If you think about Seamless, it’s just a bunch of menus; it’s not really providing me with the right product for my needs right now,” Lepes says. “What we’re doing is really curating those ideas for you.”

That means personalized suggestions based off of your delivery history, timely menus (#tacotuesday, anyone?), and that aforementioned exclusives roster that he promises will only grow in the coming months.

But can you really survive off of the app alone? Well+Good put FoodKick to the test—here are our picks for the best items to order, no matter the time of day. —Rebecca Willa Davis

(Photos: FoodKick)


Get Started
Indie Fresh Avocado Mango Matcha Smoothie Breakfast: Avocado Mango Matcha Smoothie from Indie Fresh
Good news for those on the far side of the East River craving one of Indie Fresh‘s delicious superfood blends: FoodKick is the exclusive delivery partner in Brooklyn. This smoothie offers an extra energy boost to start your day, thanks to the addition of matcha. But if adaptogens are more your thing there’s also the Strawberry Maca Root Acai Smoothie.


splendid-spoon-ikarian-stew Lunch: Ikarian Longevity Stew from Splendid Spoon
Splendid Spoon‘s FoodKick-exclusive Ikarian Longevity Stew (a hearty mix of olive oil, black eyed peas, and tomatoes) has been such a hit, it often sells out before day’s end. If you’re able to place your order before the lunchtime crowd gets the last ladle, consider doubling it and saving one container for later.


The Squeeze I Have a Heart On Afternoon Snack: The Squeeze’s I Have a Heart On
Put the MetroCard away: You no longer have to make the trip out to Bushwick’s The Squeeze to get its raw, cold-pressed juices. This one has just a hint of sweet balancing out the otherwise invigorating blend of greens.


Hungryroot Turnip Noodles w_ Toasted Walnut Pesto Dinner: Turnip Noodles with Toasted Walnut Pesto from Hungry Root
A trio of friends (including the founder of The Little Beet) started Hungry Root to bring quick, easy spiralized meals to the masses. Perfect for those nights when you want to say you “made” dinner—but don’t want to spend more than seven minutes whipping it up. (Yes, we timed how long it took to make this tasty root vegetable twist on the zoodle.)


Dragon Fruit Dessert: Pitaya from a local market
Come spring, FoodKick will be curating the freshest produce available from local farmers (no CSA schlepping necessary). In the meantime, they’ve got a range of exotic fruits that make for an Instagram-worthy dessert—or a smoothie bowl accent the next morning.

Leaving the house? Try The Pennsy, the new chef-approved dining hall in one of the most surprising food spots in all of NYC.



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