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If, like many, you’re in a dazed post-election hangover, consider this sliver of positive news: four cities—San Francisco, Oakland, Albany (all in California), and Boulder, CO—passed soda taxes last night, confronting the war on sugar head on.

Why is this such a big deal? As you probably know by now: sugar kills. It’s linked to obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and high cholesterol. And adding a small tax to the sales of sugary drinks has proved effective in lowering consumption by 20 percent. That’s powerful!

If you don’t live in one of the four cities putting a soda tax in place, you may wonder if this matters for you. It does. It shows that real change can happen at a city level—if these four cities can pass a soda tax, yours can too.

Vox reports that the beverage industry is terrified by these laws getting passed because it means they’ll have to seriously start coming up with ways to limit the amount of sugar in their products—otherwise they will majorly lose money. And less sugar for sale means more healthy people and lives saved. How’s that for some good news?

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