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Photo: Instagram/@juliesreal

Sure, you can adopt lifestyle shifts on any given day, but the New Year often brings a slew of new acolytes to the trendiest (and most effective) of diets, like Whole30 or the celeb-favorited ketogenic diet. While Whole30 has a short-term elimination-based structure, the high-fat, low-carb keto diet is often implemented for longer and has even been linked to anxiety relief—but both plans will likely lead you to realize just how much of your food includes grain.

And while going grain-free (a requirement of both aforementioned diet plans) might seem limiting, it’s a small price to pay for digestive tolerance and an inflammation-free life. Finding a substitute for your (avocado) toast is pretty easy, but granolas and cereal-related products are a different ball game. So, in the interest of solving your breakfast and snacking woes, here are five grain-free granola options that you can order right now and munch on at your desk.

Stock up on your keto-friendly snacks with the options below.

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The ketogenic diet is dominating, thanks in part to new attitudes towards healthy fats and a long list of positive side effects