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Photo: Halo Top

Good news, lovers of better-for-you ice cream: If you’re one to buy vegan chocolate-covered banana Halo Top Creamery pints in bulk, you’ll be especially interested in the brand’s sweet update. Its first scoop shop is opening inside a Los Angeles mall next Wednesday.

You’ll be able to get your high-protein Halo Top fix on the go at the Westfield Topanga shopping center in the usual flavors you savor during your hygge nights in (mochi green tea, anyone?)—now from a single-serve cup or four different cone options that you can load up with healthy toppings like mango, mochi, and coconut. The new brick-and-mortar dessert depot will also offer several other new Halo Top products, like low-calorie soft serve (available in the brand’s stalwart pint flavors like birthday cake, peanut butter cup, and pistachio), vegan ice cream sandwiches, and Halo Top tacos.

“Our goal with the Scoop Shop is to let our fans add all the toppings they could possibly want to a soft serve version of Halo Top.” —Justin Woolverton, Halo Top Creamery founder and CEO

According to Halo Top’s founder and CEO, Justin Woolverton, the store aims to satisfy your fro-yo cravings. “The only time I ‘cheat’ on Halo Top is when I get frozen yogurt loaded with toppings,” he said in a press release. “Our goal with the Scoop Shop is to let our fans add all the toppings they could possibly want to a soft serve version of Halo Top.”

While the product’s high-protein, low-calorie content may make it seem like a tempting new diet plan, enjoy in moderation, as it’s artificial sweetener that keeps the tasty dessert…well, sweet.

Halo Top isn’t the only buzzy brick-and-mortar expansion to get buzzed about. Bulletproof just opened a coffeeshop in Seattle and Ulta is finally coming to Manhattan.