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Photo: Stocksy/Jeff Wasserman

You were probably very pleased when you discovered rosé is a little healthier than white wine, but there’s a new seasonal alcoholic beverage in town, and it’s giving the trendy millennial-pink drink a run for its health benefits.

According to Vogue, hard cider is the fastest-growing liquor category, and aside from providing folks with bursts of fall flavors, it also include wellness-y fringe benefits.

Tannins, which give red wine its bitter taste, are full of antioxidants and have even been shown to help prevent cancer.

To break it down: Cider is made with apples, and apple skin contains tannins. But what’s so great about tannins? Aside from being what gives red wine its bitter taste, they’re also full of antioxidants and have even been shown to help prevent cancer. Not too shabby for a boozy glass of apple juice, huh?

Obviously nothing is good in excess, but drinking alcohol in moderation has been shown to lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and death from heart disease. So the next time you’re enjoying a drink with friends, consider literally drinking in the season and opting for a glass of tannin-rich cider.

Here are some low-sugar alcoholic beverages a wellness pro would actually order. And this is one healthier cocktail you’ll be sipping all season long.