This healthy beverage hack will change the way you drink tea

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Winter. Is. Coming. Already here! And most likely, you’d prefer to be sipping on tea all day long…if only you had a never-ending supply in your purse and it didn’t take so long to steep.

In that case, Pique Tea’s groundbreaking tea crystals are about to be your new best friends.

Served up in pocket-friendly packets you can stash everywhere, the crystals mix straight into hot or cold water for a delicious cup—instantly. (No wonder it was our Mission Wellness winner.)

It’s all thanks to an ancient practice, by which whole tea leaves from farms in India, China, and Sri Lanka are painstakingly sourced, slow-brewed, and crystallized. The result? Super-fresh flavor, and up to twice the amount of antioxidants than regular tea bags. Yup, twice.

Plus, the organic, sugar-free formulas are free of preservatives and come in varieties like mint, green, jasmine, Earl Grey, and English breakfast.

Bonus: Pique Tea is giving Well+Good readers 10 percent off with code WELLGOOD10 at checkout. Tea all day, every day starts now!

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