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Knock, knock. Who’s there? The professional chef who’s going to whip up a healthy dinner at your place while you, super busy person, catch up on things.

This is not a joke.

Kitchensurfing is the ultra-convenient and super-affordable solution to your busy weeknight dinner drama or that dinner you invited friends to next month without considering the fact that you burn every vegetable that hits a pan—all for less than $30 per person.

Here are three very good reasons to book your first chef-and home-cooked meal today:

1. Kitchensurfing chefs are seriously trained and super well-equipped. Their resumes include kitchen time at restaurants like Le Bernardin, Aureole, and Ippudo, which makes it easy for them to flavor, saute, serve, and clean up in just 30 minutes. They also bring their own equipment. (They’ll pass on using your Ikea knives, but thanks.)


2. They make delicious meals with healthy ingredients. Kitchensurfing sources quality ingredients from farms and producers and lets you pick from dishes like baked salmon with sauteed zucchini and roasted baby potatoes, or black bean burgers with pomegranate barbecue sauce. And there are always vegetarian and gluten-free options.

3. You’ll have more time for yourself—and your loved ones. Use the time to cross things off your to-do list or to catch up on neglected things like laundry. Or think of Kitchensurfing as your way to host a double-date night without being stuck at the stove stirring the risotto the whole night. Kitchensurfing allows you to take the night off while still enjoying a healthy, home-cooked meal, and that kind of sounds like a miracle, no?

Try Kitchensurfing and get your first meal for free, now.