Healthy meal-delivery services that have New Yorkers salivating

Healthy-food visionaries have raised the bar on meal-delivery services, favoring things like farm-to-table freshness and chic packaging. Meet them now.
Urban Detox Club

Who needs New York nutritionists, health coaches, and healthy chefs are creating a new caliber of stylish, healthy meal services that you can enjoy at home.

These are not big-box diet brands like Zone or Jillian Michael’s Freshology. They’re indie companies founded by smart, chic New York women, who source, saute, and package locally, so your food is still super-fresh when you sit down to eat it.

All pay attention to food trends, nutrition customization, and elegant food presentation. They’re like the ABC Kitchens of healthy home delivery.

So who are the healthy-food visionaries that have raised bar on delivery services? Meet them now. —Lisa Elaine Held



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Sakara Life Sakara Life

Sakara Life’s Elite Organic Meal Delivery was created by Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, two over-worked New York professionals (one on Wall Street and one in medicine) who became healthy-living obsessed for the reasons that inspire many: being healthy shouldn’t be so hard!

Sakara is aimed at the busy, stylish New York woman, and the food and packaging reflects that as much as the sexy shoes that decorate their Facebook page.

Expect colorful, creative salads (made from both greens and healthy grains) like the Sexiest Salad in New York City, pictured above, and other simple yet delicious creations. Everything we tried was fresh and flavorful, from a breakfast tofu scramble to quinoa balls with a lemony sauce for dipping.

5 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for $410,


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Urban Detox Club

After starting a do-it-yourself food-based detox program last winter, this company, founded by two health coaches, teamed up with talented chef Jesa Hennebery to launch a meal-delivery program that’s all vegan, gluten-free, and organic.

Their food has been compared to Pure Food and Wine’s, and for good reason. Hennebery’s dishes are elaborate, with complex flavors and textures, like a fan-favorite spaghetti squash pad thai (pictured above), kale salad with tempeh bacon and beets, and a to-die-for cacao black bean brownie.

And since it’s technically a cleanse program, you get health coach support with your meal plan. If every cleanse fed us like this, we’d be permanently detoxed.

14-day detox starts at $949, including seven days of three daily meals,



Sweet Roots NYC Sweetroots NYC

This super-personalized Brooklyn-based service does everything necessary to get a healthy dinner on your table—except the actual cooking.

Founder Marisa Smith works one-on-one with you to find out what your dietary needs and wants are before creating individual menus.

Then, she delivers recipes with pre-washed, chopped, and measured ingredients (75 percent of which are sourced from local farms), so that you can have a meal ready in usually around five easy steps.

“For me, there’s something important about connecting to what you’re eating through cooking it. It tastes better,” she says.

And she weighs your feedback each week and adjusts recipes accordingly.

Prices start at $69 per person for three dinners per week, plus shipping,


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