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(Photo: Dimes)

Dimes healthy restaurant

Dimes is one of the hippest, healthiest restaurants on the New York City dining scene right now—and with just 15 seats, it’s also one of the smallest.

So it didn’t come as a total surprise when super cute owners Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner announced late last year that they’d be relocating the Chinatown restaurant to a bigger space nearby (a la Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen?) while converting the current shoebox-sized space into Dimes Superette, an organic market of sorts.

“We’re really invested in the neighborhood, so we didn’t want to expand and open somewhere else,” says De Sousa, who manages the business side. “The space just kind of came to us, and Alissa and I were just itching at the opportunity to open a real restaurant.”

What can you expect inside the bigger (and revamped original) digs? We got the inside scoop.

Dining at Dimes

The new restaurant, set to open in early April, will come to life in the former Cochinita Dos space at 49 Canal Street, making the Dimes Superette less than a block away at 143 Division Street.

At the bigger location, there will be seating for 35 people plus six bar stools (which almost triples the original capacity) and a full liquor license with Instagram-worthy creations like a wheatgrass margarita. And whereas the old space only had convection burners, an expanded kitchen will allow the team to add more variety to the menu, like more scrumptious grilled veggies.

“We get the chance to create the menu we dreamed of. It’s very limiting to cook they way we are now,” De Sousa says. You don’t necessarily have to worry about your favorite dish disappearing, though. “We very much have our Dimes customer in mind. We’re not trying to create something new, we just want to add to what we already offer. Alissa [the chef] will change the menu very slowly,” she says.

Dimes healthy restaurant

In terms of decor, De Sousa won’t reveal too much, but she says the new restaurant will be simple, timeless, and modern in keeping with the Dimes vibe. Metaflora will continue to provide its inventive flowers for the restaurant, a staple of the current aesthetic, and will sell bouquets at the Superette.

Super shopping

Also at the Superette, which is expected to open in mid-June, the duo will stock produce from local farms, grab-and-go foods like chia pudding and salads, and an expanded all-natural apothecary section. Plus, fans of the restaurant’s colorful ceramics will be pleased to know that a Dimes tabletop line with plates and cups is launching, too.

“This is such a fun opportunity for us—this will be more about the lifestyle of what Dimes is,” De Sousa says. “We’re taking what we do a step further.” We’re assuming their fans will follow. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit

(Photos: Dimes, Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner via  Instagram/Dimestimes)

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