Your detox guide to the holiday season

doctor-906140_640 Cocktails and cookies at back-to-back holiday parties eating into your balanced eating regime? Gift-shopping stress keeping you up at night? Skin looking dull or puffy—and not just because your apartment’s radiator is already running at peak heat? Trouble sleeping, bloating, and irritability (we’re talking about your mood and your skin) are just some signs that it may be time to hit the reset button. 

We’ve pulled together tons of expert advice and recipes to help you out in the happy-and-healthy department this holiday season and beyond (’tis the season to be merry, after all)—from juice recipes to expert detox tips stay balanced, energized, and unfrazzled all winter long.

Want to go the extra mile and show yourself even more love? Add a digital detox to your plans for some stress-free relaxation. Those gingerbread photos clogging your Instagram feed will still be there when you return, we promise. —Willa Tellekson-Flash

Detox 101
It’s not as intense as you think
Second helpings of pumpkin pie aren’t the end of the world, but if they leave you feeling sluggish, here are five easy ways (like using just the ingredients in your parents’ fridge) to get yourself recalibrated post-feast.

Learn the latest tips from the experts
Want to learn everything there is to know about the science of cleansing? Or add some more juice recipes to your repertoire? These five super-smart books do an amazing job of breaking down the health benefits.

Yes, you can DIY your detox
Three-day detox program from your favorite juice spot just not going to happen when there are holiday presents to pay for? Going DIY with your reset is easier than you think. Jamie Graber, founder of Gingersnap’s Organic, shares her time-tested tips and gets real on the kitchen tools you actually need (hint: you probably already have them).

The ingredients you need to know
A detox can be about adding things to your diet
We’ll say it again: The secret to a happier stomach may be adding certain things to your diet, instead of all elimination. Powerful herbs and roots like ginger and burdock are huge gut-health boosters.

You may already have detoxifying foods in your fridge
Before you shell out the money for a detox program, check your kitchen for these five detoxifiers. Your liver—and wallet—will thank you.

Or stick with everyday ingredients that help you push that reset button
You don’t have to be on a juice cleanse to get your daily dose of health-boosting nutrients. Celery, lemon, leafy greens, and avocado are just some of the ways to keep your digestive system happy and bloat-free everyday. Here are 13 great ones to start with.

When in doubt, get your fill of chlorophyll
This pigment, found in plants, has major benefits for humans too—especially as a detoxifier. You can find it in most green veggies, but why not try a shot of chlorophyll for a major boost of the toxin-flusher?

The recipes to try
Ready to get started? Try one (or all!) of these balancing blends.

Ginger Blast Juice
The aforementioned root reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, and helps with digestion… basically, it ticks off all the boxes.

Green Goddess Smoothie
The secret ingredient in this tasty smoothie? A shot of apple cider, which we bet you’ll have in your kitchen.

Turmeric Tonic
There’s a reason why turmeric makes us go all heart-eye emoji: It truly is a super-power root. Get your anti-inflammatory, alkanizing fill in one steamy mug.

Ayurvedic One-a-Day
Who said that green juice could only be served cold? With this Ayurvedic recipe, you’re supposed to drink it warm.

Berry Detox Smoothie
If you’ve OD’d on pecan pie, this low-glycemic (but sweet, thanks to those antioxidant-filled berries) smoothie will be your go-to fix.

Advanced Detox
How to do a 10-day detox
For a truly rejuvenating experience, go the distance with a longer detox. Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, who runs New York City’s Morrison Health, shares his essentials for sustaining one into December (and beyond).

Want to debate diets at the dinner table? Here’s your cheat sheet on weight loss myths and facts. Not totally into detoxing—here’s why that’s cool, too…


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