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Between squeezing in an early-a.m. spin class, guzzling an iced coffee, and dashing to the office, you’re lucky if you have time to spritz your hair with dry shampoo in the morning—let alone sit down to a full breakfast.

The all-woman team behind Nourish + Bloom feel you—and that’s exactly why they created the wellness brand’s Whole Food Shake.

Packed with 25 grams of plant-based protein from sources like peas, rice, and pumpkin seeds, the individual packs (in smoothie-friendly flavors like vanilla spice and chocolate truffle) are designed to keep you satisfied until lunch with a mega dose of fiber.

Oh yeah, and the vegan formula is free of gluten and soy, so it’s less likely to cause bloat than other protein blends (three cheers for not having to unbutton your jeans!).

Looking for ways to jazz up your smoothie? The N+B Life app has you covered there, too, with loads of recipe ideas (plus workout and meditation tips). Because you can never have too many life hacks, of course.

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