The secret to planning an epic summer picnic

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For many people, finding the time to unplug and connect with their friends and family IRL is the one integral piece of a healthy lifestyle missing from their days. (Liking someone’s photo on Facebook does not equal a social interaction, unfortunately.) Because no matter how healthy you eat, how often you workout, or how good you are at meditating, if you’re not taking the time to sit back and relax—especially during summer—you’ll miss out on some of life’s most, well, shareable moments.

Photo: Simone De La Rue

No one believes this more than Simone De La Rue, founder of Body By Simone—and the dance cardio queen, who has practically lived all over the world, has come to realize that the key is finding what brings you happiness, and then inviting your loved ones to join in with you.

For her, that special spot is oceanside, with a picnic basket.

“I grew up in Australia and we literally had dinner on the beach every night, so it’s my happy place.” she explains. “One of the many perks of living in Los Angeles is going to the beach with my picnic basket and my girlfriends—we just eat, swim, read, laugh, and repeat. It’s so good for the soul.”

Not lucky enough to live right by a beach? No sweat. After spending time in both London and New York City, De La Rue has found that as long as you’re eating outside, the meal will have the same effect on your soul.

As for what to bring? De La Rue’s favorites include portable Greek salad, veggies and hummus, and homemade salmon tacos. “I use lettuce leaves instead of corn tortilla, cook the salmon the night before in garlic, salt, and pepper, and let it all sit in the fridge overnight. Then I cut up tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro, and squeeze some lime juice for my salsa–and voila!” she says. “Super easy to prepare, pack up in tupperware, and then assemble at your picnic.”

No judgement if you take a photo or two to share on Facebook.

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