How to make a gorgeous fermented foods salad

Amanda Chantal Bacon in her Venice kitchen. (Photo: ChayButter)

Why is it that even when you’re inclined to cook, and your fridge is full of kale and artisanal condiments, you can still find yourself making the same old grain-and-greens bowl?

Chay Wike, the Los Angeles tastemaker and organic tea purveyor, loves learning the go-to recipes of others for cooking inspiration and breaking out of a rut.

So she recently debuted a monthly video feature called Kitchen Visit, on her new blog Butter, where she goes inside the kitchens of savvy Angelenos to cook a super, simple standby dish with them (that also happens to be incredibly telegenic).

It’s basically like showing up at the house of a glamorous friend who can whip up something healthy using ingredients you’d never think to combine.

“I’m kind of bored by my usual tricks and really want to know what other folks are making. I’ve been visiting the home kitchens of professional cooks, friends, creative’s, people I know…. I’ve been collecting recipes from these people in an effort to expand my own repertoire and share them,” Wike says.

Since we’ve been obsessed with peeking inside the fridges of everyone from top fitness instructors and supermodels to celebrity chefs to see what they shop for, eat, and cook, we’ve collaborated with Wike on her latest video.

It’s a gorgeous way to learn how to create a simple salad made with fermented foods, from the very culinary and very cool Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice.

Grab a note pad to jot down the ingredients you’ll want to grab on your next grocery run and take a peek now. And maybe you’ll have a new go-to recipe in your dinner repertoire. —Melisse Gelula

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