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Impossible Burger Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@impossible_foods

The Impossible Burger tastes, looks, and, oozes so similarly to its beefy counterpart that even meat-loving chefs like Momofuku’s David Chang have started slinging plant-protein patties.

Up until now, however, it was possible to count the number of places you could actually order a “bleeding” vegan burger on one hand—just Public House (in San Francisco), Bareburger (at its Washington Square Park location in New York City), and Crossroads Kitchen (in Los Angeles). But Fast Company received word this week that more than 1,000 restaurants are planning to add Impossible Burgers to their menus by spring.

Impossible Foods will soon be producing a million pounds of its vegan ground “beef” per month.

That’s because Impossible Foods will soon be producing a million pounds of its vegan ground “beef” per month—it just opened a third factory to ensure that it can meet the increase in demand.

As predicted, plant protein is going to be a major wellness trend of 2017, and Impossible Foods’ expansion is a harbinger of the healthier direction the restaurant scene’s headed in—but if you need another, just look at the line outside a By Chloe for confirmation.

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