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Photo: Instagram/@hazelzakariya

There’s been a movement in the superfood-focused Instagram world as of late. Although taking photos of and eating unicorn foods and pretty drinks is not new territory, a handful of users have been taking food art to new, museum-worthy heights.

One master of these digestible creations, Hazel Zakariya, has turned her Instagram account into a digital art gallery showcasing the masterpieces she’s creating with some delicious-sounding spirulina-filled recipes. Zakariya’s work runs the gamut from actual classic art re-creations (a René Magritte piece) to pop-culture obsessions (It, Breaking Bad, Harry Potter) and even includes her own original and charming designs.

Sure, turning your smoothie bowl into a work of art is time-consuming, but—the therapeutic properties of a creative sesh aside—snapping a picture of it and posting it to the ‘Gram might make the finished product taste even better.

See Zakariya’s genius-level smoothie art below.

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Here’s how to create your own artistic smoothie and elevate your oatmeal bowl to gallery-level heights (almost).