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How healthy is Starbucks’ new bottled PSL?

How healthy is Starbucks' new bottled pumpkin spiced latte? Pin It
Photo: Starbucks

The unicorn pool floats haven’t even been stashed away yet ,and pumpkin spice latte hysteria has already begun (and this year, even your dogs are in on it). Later this month, Starbucks will make its beloved drink more widely available than ever by selling it in bottled form at grocery stores across the country. So if you lay in bed fantasizing about having a PSL just waiting for you in the kitchen when you get up, those wild dreams are all coming true.

There’s 11 grams of protein—thanks to the milk—which is a solid amount, though there are also a whopping 42 grams of sugar.

Now that you’ll be able to have your fridge stashed with PSLs all fall, it brings up a big question: How healthy are they? I asked Starbucks for the new product’s nutritional panel and list of ingredients, and here’s a rundown of what’s inside: Reduced-fat milk, espresso, sugar, skim milk, natural flavors, salt, and carrageenan. Sadly a vegan PSL version won’t be coming out—at least not yet!

Notice something missing from that ingredient list? Pumpkin! Interestingly, it’s not used at all. Mind blown, right? Here’s the good news: There’s 11 grams of protein—thanks to the milk—which is a solid amount, though there are also a whopping 42 grams of sugar in there, too.

So, what’s the verdict? The bottled PSL certainly isn’t exactly going to replace your go-to protein shake. But you didn’t expect it to, right? It’s a treat, both in terms of nutrition and taste. It’s time to call it what is is.

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