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Should you eat cricket protein bars Exo on JetBlue

Crickets on a plane? (Well, it probably beats snakes.)

JetBlue announced last week that it will start offering a box that contains a selection of healthy snacks from indie brands to its passengers. The box is curated by indie food incubator AccelFoods and will be available to Mint and Core passengers on JFK to LAX flights starting next year.

And so far, the examples of what you may find in it are super forward-thinking:

We’re talking Four Sigma Foods mushroom tea, gluten-free Evoke Muesli, and, catering to its Paleo customers, Exo cricket flour protein bars.

This comes after Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight detox beverage and Delta Airline’s quinoa wrap, signaling a shift towards healthier in-flight options in the industry.

More reading: Should you be eating crickets?

Still, cricket bars don’t exactly sound like the most crowd-pleasing choice (what’s wrong with kale chips?). Though it might spark more interesting conversations on-board. Conversations like, “I’m going to pass on the cricket snack, thanks.” —Jamie McKillop