Juice Generation and Cooler Cleanse: Coming to an Equinox near you

A juicy new partnership brings two wellness powerhouses together under one roof—and green juice to more New York City neighborhoods.

Cooler Cleanse

Juice Generation founder Eric Helms, just gave us this—wait for it—juicy scoop:

“Juice Generation is teaming up with Equinox to open several new cafes around the city in the next year. The first is at the Equinox on Greenwich Avenue downtown [97 Greenwich], which is absolutely gorgeous,” says Helms.

Helms, who himself is an Equinox member (though he works out at his neighborhood SoHo branch), says reps from the gym approached him with the idea about six months ago. He was flattered and intrigued, having always wondered why the cafe service wasn’t quite on par with the rest of the Equinox experience.

Now, the juice guru says, it will be.

In addition to a new Juice Generation menu that will have a few exclusive items just for Equinox, the cafe will serve the full Cooler Cleanse menu (the brand Helms cofounded with actor Salma Hayek), which previously has been available only online, and the new Healing Cooler juice line. “We’re going to do everything—protein shakes, juices, bakery goods—all of it made in-house, every day,” Helms says. “We’re really, really excited.”

The outposts will be open to non-Equinox members, as well. So anyone eager to find a healthy green drink in this Starbucks-filled town should be as happy as Helms, too. —Catherine Pearson

The first Equinox Juice Generation cafe will open on May 9 and the new website, with more menu details, will launch this weekend. For now, check out www.juicegeneration.com

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