Juice Press opens its fourth location, with a New York Yankee backing it

New York's indie juice bar is poised to move into the Major Leagues this year, with a fourth location open this week, more on the way, and the support of Mark Teixeira.

juice press

New York’s indie juice bar is poised to move into the Major Leagues this year, with a fourth location in Nolita open this week, many more on the way, and the support of New York Yankee Mark Teixeira.

While New York’s juice boom has been in hyper-drive for the past year, Juice Press—which debuted in the East Village in 2010 and has a grungy vibe that separates it from other players on the scene—has largely stayed under the radar. Now, it’s stepping up to bat against Juice Generation and Organic Avenue.

Mark Teixeira at Juice Press
Mark Teixeira's favorite juices are green: Love at First Sight and Dr. Green.

The company has quietly been revving up for growth for a while, said co-owner Marcus Antebi, “Financially, we’re ready to explode forward.” Antebi said the company expects to increase their number of locations to 10 in the next 12 months, with the next store opening in Greenwich, so that Teixeira can get his juice fix close to home.

Just like Juice Generation touted Salma Hayek’s role in the early years of its growth, Teixeira’s enthusiasm about the brand is a huge bonus. At the Nolita opening, he was on site to talk about how the company’s juices have helped him shed extra pounds, boost energy, and improve his game, just in time for Spring Training.

The company sells a huge selection of all-organic cold-pressed juices, plus packaged foods created by Jermaine Jonas, a chef who has worked at Organic Avenue and Pure Food and Wine and is seriously skilled at transforming traditional foods like sushi and ravioli into raw, vegan deliciousness.

juice press
The new Juice Press location on Mott Street between Prince and Houston.

Working against them: A high price-point ($10.99 for an organic green juice) that almost matches Organic Avenue’s $12 glass bottle premium and hoodie-clad hipster owners who don’t have the polish of typical business men. Although, it is possible that the “we’re too cool to care” vibe could work in their favor.

“I think we taste the best, and we’re the coolest brand out there,” says Teixeira. “Just like the Yankees, there’s only one Juice Press.” We can see it now: The official green juice of the New York Yankees. It would sure beat a $10 Bud Light at the stadium. —Lisa Elaine Held

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