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Photo by Jenna Cantagallo for Well+Good

Getting organic kale for as little as a buck sounds way to good to be true, but Whole Foods is (once again!) about to make your affordable grocery dreams a reality.

In this brave new world of Amazon’s Whole Foods, prices have plummeted for avocados, bananas, and beyond, making it easier than ever to get your healthy food fix year-round. And now through October 3, the grocer is offering bunches of organic kale for $1 as a way to motivate customers to eat more veggies in honor of World Vegetarian Day on October 1.

The grocer is offering bunches of organic kale for $1 through October 3.

To fully take advantage of the plant-based holiday—and the low-priced kale—try out some meat-free recipes, like this Asian kale salad or some creamy broccoli-kale soup. Who knows? With all the possibilities, the leafy green might just become your new go-to.

Here are five new products to put on your grocery list this fall. And if you think Whole Food’s prices are getting cheap, you need to check out this online grocery store where everything is $3.