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Photo: Flickr

For some women, pregnancy is virtually a breeze with no morning sickness the whole way through. But for others, it’s months on end of battling almost constant nausea. And not even royalty can make you immune.

Kate Middleton—now expecting her third mini royal—has battled some pretty atrocious symptoms in the past, and this pregnancy is no different. Fortunately, the third time’s the charm: She found a solution—and a pretty tasty one at that.

Ginger has long been the go-to holistic cure for nausea and tummy troubles—even for when you’re not pregnant.

According to Prince William, she’s been noshing on ginger cookies. Ginger has long been the go-to holistic cure for nausea and tummy troubles—even for when you’re not pregnant. And having it in cookie form helps fill the stomach up a little bit. (You know that feeling of being hungry but too nauseous to eat? The worst.)

While it’s helping, it’s not a perfect solution—at least for Middleton. “There’s not much ginger can do to stop that,” he says. Still, she is feeling a bit better and when it’s all over with the reward will definitely be sweet—and adorable.

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