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Graphic by Abby Maker for Well+Good

If the return of pumpkin spice everything tells you anything, it’s that fall has arrived—but LaCroix plans to keep your laid-back summer mind-set alive and well with its newest flavor.

In a letter to its shareholders, the Wisconsin-based company revealed its key lime flavor would be hitting shelves soon—and those lucky LaCroix VIPs even got to try the stuff early, says Eater. The new variety is said to be reminiscent of key lime pie with what the company describes as a “distinctive aroma and sweet-and-tart flavor.” It’s also sweeter than the lime flavor that’s probably already in your fridge.

The new variety is said to be reminiscent of key lime pie.

Since the fizzy flavored water not only helps you stay hydrated but also satisfies your taste buds, it’s a great replacement for soda: Unlike other sparkling options, LaCroix’s products aren’t packed with unpronounceable ingredients or loads of sugar. The only problem? Sparkling water still contains carbonic acid, and guzzling down too much can gradually wear down your tooth enamel.

So stock up on the tropical goodness, but drink it wisely: Experts say the carbonic acid is pretty weak, and sticking to drinking your sparkling water during meals should keep you and your pearly whites safe—or, just swish your mouth with regular water when you’re done with the bubbly beverage.

If you want to try something really new, you can now get sparkling water laced with cannabis. But be careful: Your sparkling water could be making you bloated.