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The healthy drink Lady Gaga orders at Starbucks

Starbucks Lady Gaga drinks Pin It
Photo: Starbucks

It seems like Starbucks comes out with something new every week: unicorn frapps, vegan overnight grains…and that’s all in addition to the not-so secret healthy menu (hello #purpledrink). With seemingly infinite options to choose from, what gets the celebrity stamp of approval? When it comes to Lady Gaga’s order, it’s all about the matcha lemonade.

Starbucks matcha tea lemonade
Photo: Starbucks

“I instantly fell in love with [it],” she says. But while the average Starbucks customer can’t even get her name spelled right, Lady Gaga’s order actually makes the world a better place. No, seriously: Today, Starbucks announced a new partnership with the singer’s Born This Way Foundation.

Twenty-five cents from every purchase of matcha lemonade, pink drink (made with coconut milk and strawberries), pink ombre drink (made with coconut milk, lime refresher, and passion fruit), or violet drink (made with hibiscus refresher and coconut milk) will be donated to the charity, which empowers youth through improved mental health services and community projects supporting compassion and kindness.

The campaign runs from now until June 19, but don’t freak out—matcha lemonade isn’t being taken off the menu anytime soon. Good news, since you never know when you might need to channel your inner Lady Gaga—and let’s face it, your co-workers might not appreciate a full-throated, a capella “Poker Face.”

Speaking of Gaga, check out the workout that got her pumped up, pre-Super Bowl. Plus, this is exactly how much your favorite celebrities spend on being healthy.