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There’s a new turmeric latte in town—get it while it’s hot at Le Pain Quotidien

le pain quotidien turmeric latte Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@wunderworkshop

While Starbucks’ new turmeric latte is still only available in London, Le Pain Quotidien’s warm and cozy cup of golden milk goodness has officially crossed the pond.

The UK-based brand Wunder Workshop focuses on turmeric-based products, selling everything from a turmeric x adaptogen blend to turmeric CBD. But, you don’t have to pay an international shipping fee to get your anti-inflammatory fix: The company’s Golden Turmeric Latte is now available in many Le Pain Quotidien stores (and in all nationwide locations starting September 20).

Wunder Workshop’s organic turmeric latte mix is 100 percent vegan and free of artificial additives, sugar, dairy, and caffeine.

Wunder Workshop’s organic turmeric latte mix is 100 percent vegan and free of artificial additives, sugar, dairy, and caffeine, making it a natural way to enjoy the superfood spice on the reg. And considering only a tablespoon of the brand’s powder is needed to create a beautiful drink, it’s no wonder LPQ is using the blend in all its stores. (And while you’re there, you can treat yourself to a matcha muffin.)

Since turmeric has been shown to clear up your complexion and fight inflammation, the latte is a must-try this fall—and, well, every season.

And, if you don’t have LPQ near you, you can learn how to make one yourself. (It’s easier than you think—promise!)

Check out these five new ways to cook with turmeric that you haven’t tried yet. And don’t forget to save some for your teeth: The spice has impressive whitening powders you need to see to believe.