Lea Michele’s healthy soup recipe will warm you up on the coldest of days

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Photo: Instagram/@leamichele

This time of the year—even if you’re not stuck inside due to a snow storm (cough, cough)—any sort of soup sounds good. It’s a nourishing, warm way to get in your veggies while the temperatures outside are painfully frigid.

Take it from the wellness-minded actress Lea Michele, who concocted the perfect savory recipe for the (cold) soul: kale miso soup.

As she revealed on her Instagram story, she made the hearty meal with a zesty lemon vegetable broth, and then tossed in a bunch of greens for added nutrients.

lea michele healthy soup recipe
Photo: Instagram/@leamichele

It’s a brilliant (and easy) thing to whip up, considering miso’s actually a fermented soybean superfood paste that’s good for your gut. Take that, then throw in kale, anti-inflammatory garlic, and antioxidant-rich mushrooms, and you’ve got yourself a very balanced soup. Now, if only Michele had some leftovers to share…

If miso isn’t your thing, here’s a detoxing soup you can make in 20 minutes flat. Or you can try this vegan pumpkin-turmeric recipe

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