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Maple is the PSL of winter Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@justins

Can we all finally admit that PSL fatigue is real? Now that we’re over the Thanksgiving hump, it’s time for a non-pumpkin flavor, no matter how tasty that vegan pie may have been.

But what flavor could be powerful enough to usurp the mighty orange giant that has come to be synonymous with the fall season? Enter, maple.

Derived from maple syrup (which is the boiled down sap of a maple tree), its savory-sweet profile checks many of PSLs boxes: It’s seasonally appropriate, its essence can be added to many foods and drinks, and it can be found at Starbucks. And, just like pumpkin spice, you’ll probably see it everywhere sooner than later.

Scroll below for the healthy beginner’s guide to maple products.

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Not into PSL or maple? Try a turmeric latte or a collagen- and probiotic-infused matcha.