Meet your new sous-chef, the Rotary peeler by Joseph Joseph

Less cumbersome than a mandoline slicer and cheaper than Chop't, this tiny veggie slicer, dicer, and julienner will have you making your own healthy salads.

Whether you’re lounging at the beach, relaxing upstate, or simply working short hours in the city (fingers crossed), the week leading up to Labor Day is all about taking it easy. Come September 7th, Summer Fridays will be replaced with the Fall Scramble. So this week we bring you five labor-saving products and tips to make your fall a little less frantic.

Rotary peeler by Joseph Joseph at WellandGoodNYC.comLet’s be honest. Preparing healthy foods takes more time. Cleaning and prepping veggies—julienning, dicing, mincing, chopping—is a serious time drain, and it’s what makes New Yorkers dread cooking after a long day at work. So we flipped when we saw this new Rotary peeler ($12) from Joseph Joseph.

The London-based company is founded by fraternal twins (one’s the designer, the other the business brain) and specializes in contemporary super-functional kitchenware. (Its Index chopping board set is a MoMA Design Store favorite.)

The Rotary peeler has three blades—standard, julienne, and serrated—meaning it can handle just about any salad in a New York minute. It’s also less cumbersome (and possibly less lethal) than a mandoline slicer. Starting in October, you can nab one of these Scotch-tape-size sous-chefs through Amazon or from Sur la Table. —Alexia Brue

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