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Photo: Laura Silverman

Laura Silverman
Photo: Mark Hanauer

After a long day hiking and foraging in the wild, Laura Silverman, the founding naturalist of The Outside Institute, likes to kick back with something refreshing—that ideally has a little kick of its own.

Her wildcrafted cocktails are as filled with fresh veggies and herbs as they are spirits. After all, she founded the wellness haven with a core mission of connecting people to the restorative and transformative power of nature. (Gong healing under the stars, anyone?)

“The smokiness of the mezcal is balanced by the tart hibiscus and the beet juice’s natural sweetness.”

“I like to make a mezcal-based ‘Heartbeet’ cocktail with antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory beets and hibiscus tea, which supports cardiovascular health,” she says. “The smokiness of the mezcal is balanced by the tart hibiscus and the beet juice’s natural sweetness.” Besides, haven’t you heard: Mezcal is the go-to spirit among health-conscious drinkers.

“I top it off with a dash of chile bitters, which takes it further south of the border for those who like their cocktails on the wild side,” Silverman says.

Want to try it for yourself? Keep reading to find out how to make a mezcal and beet hibiscus tea.

Get Started

Heartbeet Mezcal Hibiscus Tea

2 oz. mezcal
1 oz. hibiscus tea
1/2 to 1 oz. agave nectar
1 oz. beet juice
Dash of chile bitters, optional
Beet slice for garnish

1.Fill a shaker with ice and add the mezcal, hibiscus tea, agave, beet juice, and bitters, if desired.

2. Shake until well chilled and pour into a glass. Garnish with the beet slice.

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