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Photo: Instagram/@michelleobama

Michelle Obama loves fruit and veggies a lot (like maybe even more than she loves SoulCycle). She is the woman who advocated for healthy lunches for kids across the country, after all—but there’s one food the former First Lady can’t get down with.

Beets may be a trendy superfood, but Obama hates them. Like, really, really hates them. So much so that she even prohibited them from being planted in the White House garden.

“Beets. I’m a believer that there’s a beet gene. Neither the president nor I have [it].”

She recently told Food & Wine she’s “just not a fan,” and she’s gone even deeper into her dislike for the root vegetable in the past. While your worst nightmare might be sleeping through your alarm, Obama admitted hers to Ladies’ Home Journal in a 2010 interview: “Beets. I’m a believer that there’s a beet gene,” she said. “Neither the president nor I have [it]. And there are a lot of healthy things my kids don’t like. But our rule is, ‘You’ve got to finish your vegetables.'”

Obama’s distaste for beets might come as a surprise, but let the news wash a sense of relief over you: Even the super-fit former FLOTUS isn’t perfect. But don’t worry, she’ll get her health-boosting nutrients elsewhere.

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