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Millennial pink lettuce to take over Instagram Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Helen Rushbrook

Whether or not you actually take photos of your food, doing so might actually (like, scientifically) improve how it tastes. Luckily, many dishes that are visually pleasing are also healthy—think: blue majik, algae, and smoothie bowls, which have all seen their heyday on Instagram. So in the coming months, expect to see a new and totally photogenic superfood take over your plates and social feeds: Radicchio del Veneto.

According to Eater, Radicchio del Veneto, also sometimes known as La Rosa del Veneto, is a chicory grown mostly in parts of Italy, but also in California, Pennsylvania, and other locales trendy enough to grow a millennial pink lettuce. Yes, a millennial pink lettuce. Though the sweet and bitter pink radicchio, isn’t a new vegetable, it’s becoming much more popular—and the festively colored reason why is quite obvious.

To get a serving of the stuff, you can visit a Whole Foods or keep an eye on changing menus, as restaurants increasingly integrate the beautiful salad ingredient into their menus.

Get a visual introductory course on Radicchio del Veneto below.

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