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Photo: Sarah Sarway for Well+Good
Photo: Sarah Sarway for Well+Good

Something magical just happened in New York’s hotter-than-ever dining scene: The duo behind Mimi Cheng‘s just filled their dumplings with By Chloe’s vegan burgers. (Cue the foodie freak-out.)

For this month’s special, the East Village shop will feature one of By Chloe’s most popular menu items, the Guac Burger, reimagined as a bite-sized dumpling. This is the first collaboration for the fairly-new but fast-growing By Chloe, and the first-ever vegan dumpling offering from Mimi Cheng’s.

“Turning the By Chloe Guac Burger into a dumpling for Mimi Cheng’s gives us the opportunity to share a taste of one of By Chloe’s most popular dishes and share our love of Mimi Cheng’s dumplings with our loyal customers,” By Chloe co-founder Samantha Wasser tells us.

The Guac Burger Dumpling is stuffed with a sweet potato black bean quinoa patty, and topped with a dollop of avocado and beet ketchup. They’re then pan-fried (yes, to perfection) and served alongside By Chloe’s freshly-made corn salsa.

The result is a fully-vegan dumpling filled with a slew of various textures so perfectly matched, that you’ll begin to rethink the whole “burgers & buns” thing. “We love their team and what By Chloe is doing, changing the perception of vegan food and making it a fun and accessible experience for both vegan and non-vegans,” Marian Chang tell us.

The dumplings will be on the menu until March 31, which gives you plenty of time to try them. Although, based on the buzz around both By Chloe and Mimi Cheng’s, you may want to brush up on your calming meditation mantras in case of lines.