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Photo: Marc Patrick

When Gwyneth Paltrow gives you props for going the extra (wellness) mile, you know you’re a serious health/fitness/beauty adventurer. And at Saturday’s “In Goop Health” summit, sponsored by Paltrow’s growing wellness brand, the actress-slash-media mogul said Miranda Kerr was the rare friend who is as unconditionally interested in exploring treatments as she is. Said Paltrow, “We’re constantly swapping numbers on healers and doctors.” And after discussing the virtues of Kundalini yoga, Kerr went full Goop.

“Have you tried leech therapy?” the skin-care-savvy celeb asked. Based on gasps from the audience, they most definitely had not. You may have read about leech therapy or heard about it on The Real Housewives of Orange County. It involves placing leeches on your face, letting them suck out some blood, then smearing that blood back onto your face—all for tighter, brighter skin.

“Have you tried leech therapy?”

“It has to be done with a practitioner that’s licensed,” says Kerr, who’s gone to LA Leeches. (Licensed leechers, for the record, are tough to find.) For hygiene reasons, the leeches cannot be used twice. So instead of letting hers die, Kerr took them home in a glass jar. After one critter escaped from the jar, Kerr decided to set them free in her koi pond, where they now live happily ever after.

“Wow,” remarked Paltrow, laughing, “I thought I was batshit crazy.”

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