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We have some exciting news and we wanted you to be the first to know.

Over the past few months we’ve searched the country for the next game-changer in healthy travel with EVEN® Hotels—and after landing on 12 seriously innovative products designed to keep your wellness routine on point while on the go—we have a winner!

With 40 percent of the overall vote (clearly Well+Good readers were into the idea), the winner of Mission Wellness is Pique Tea!

Here’s how Pique Tea is going to rock your world: The groundbreaking instant tea crystals let you get your antioxidant fix wherever you are: On a plane! On a train! At the humble gas station! You just mix a pocket-friendly pouch of the crystals into hot or cold water, and, voila, a health beverage is born.

We’re not exaggerating: Pique Tea is made from slow-brewed, whole tea leaves, meaning each cup packs twice the amount of antioxidants per serving as standard tea bags.

Here are the amazing perks Pique Tea will score as a result:

• Product placement in multiple EVEN® Hotels
• $50,000 worth of advertising on Well+Good
• Promotion on a Times Square billboard
• $3,000 in prize money
• A feature on

Of course, as you stash these must-haves in your carry-on bag for your next trip, you can say you knew them when.

Learn all about the (super amazing) winner of Mission Wellness here.

Photo: Pique Tea