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My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Rachel Blumenthal

cricket's circle founder juice recipeWhen Rachel Blumenthal was pregnant with her first baby, she had no idea where to begin in terms of buying blankies and bottles to fill her nursery. And when she started asking for help from friends, she was inundated with too much information.

“All I wanted was for someone to give me a short answer and the confidence to make better decisions. But no one addressed my lifestyle,” says Blumenthal, who spent years working for Yves Saint Laurent, designing jewelry, and helping her husband, Neil Blumenthal, launch Warby Parker.

So she created Cricket’s Circle, a chic, non-toxic leaning, online marketplace that helps match baby products to your style and preferences. And with her fashion background, she knows how to curate a killer selection of things you’d actually want in your home.

She’s also health conscious, and while she might have had a little trouble navigating new mommy life, her kitchen is not an area where she feels lost. In fact, Blumenthal stocks her fridge with organic produce so she can blend up a green juice every morning, like this recipe she shares with her son Griffin.

cricket's circle 2“He will drink this juice in two seconds,” Blumenthal says. And we think you will, too. —Molly Gallagher

Griffin’s Greens

2 cups of sliced kale
2 cups of spinach, with stems cut off
3 large oranges, peeled and sliced
1 cup of strawberries, sliced in half

In a juicer, combine all ingredients starting with the greens, then the oranges and then the strawberries.

Pour over two ice cubes. You can refrigerate for up to two days.

For more information, visit to

(Photos: Rachel Blumenthal)