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Photo: Instagram/@bluebottle

Blue Bottle is not only known for its (really good) always-fresh, organic coffee, but also its totally Instagrammable minimalist vibe. The only problem? If you don’t live near one of the cafés in California, New York, Washington, D.C., or Tokyo, it’s tough to get your fix unless you buy the beans online. That’s all about to change, though.

Nestlé is acquiring a 68-percent stake in Blue Bottle, which means the small roastery may soon expand the breadth of its coffee-bean trail. While the company currently operates 50 coffeeshops, the reported $500 million from Nestlé will help the company expand into other regions, add more packaged goods to its collection, and invest in new coffee technology, says Eater.

The company could expand into other regions, add more packaged goods to its collection, and invest in new coffee technology.

So when can you expect a Blue Bottle to pop up near you? The company aims to open 25 brand-new locations this year, including in Miami and Boston, Eater reports.

Regardless of whether you’re swigging cold brew to celebrate that the indie roaster might soon be available on your corner or are drowning your sorrows in a hot cup of joe about the brand compromising its hipster status by going mainstream, just make sure you don’t overdo your caffeine intake—it’s not good for you!

Does your coffee need a boost? Here are four ways to supercharge it. And when you want to sweeten things up, this healthy DIY sugar swap will become your new go-to