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Photo: Unsplash/Thomas Martinsen

Are you more of a Netflix-and-swill than a Netflix-and-chill type of girl? Well, before you pour yourself a glass of vino, you might want to read this new study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology—and possibly reconsider popping the cork on that bottle of sancerre sitting in your fridge.

That’s because researchers found that consuming white wine could be causing your skin inflammation. Out of the 83,000 women whose drinking habits were documented during a 14-year period, those who had 1–3 glasses of white over the course of a month had a 14-percent increased risk of developing rosacea. If they drank more than 5 glasses a week, the likelihood jumped to 49 percent.

Researchers found that consuming white wine could be causing your skin inflammation.

So how does that compare to other forms of alcohol consumption? Liquor led to an 8–28 percent increased risk of developing the condition. And curiously enough, scientists didn’t find a significant red wine-rosy skin connection (though it can spark inflammatory flare-ups in those already diagnosed with rosacea).

This is the second study to link lighter wines to some not-fun skin problems recently—another tied them to melanoma last year. So to keep your skin safe, it might be time to ditch alcohol completely—or at least opt for a red-wine infused coffee or superfood cocktail instead. No way, rosé?

If you’re skipping alcohol, that’s totally on trend—here’s why the sober social scene is on the rise. And since your skin will be looking pretty glowy, this is how to flirt while sober (without being awkward).