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Trader Joe's new avocado citrus yogurt Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Toma Evsiukova

While most people are packing it in early and skipping town to hit the beach, Trader Joe’s is taking vegging out to a whole new level this summer. Everyone’s favorite organic-but-affordable supermarket seems to be on some sort of rockstar food tour, introducing a new best-selling food item almost every week.

First it was the cauliflower pizza crust. Then came the turmeric chocolate barAnd now? Avocado yogurt.

Expect the yogurt to taste more citrusy than avocado-like, but with an extra creamy consistency.

This month, TJ’s debuted its Avocado Citrus Greek Whole Milk Yogurt proving, yet again, that the healthy fat can go in and on just about anything. (Pizza? Check. Chocolate? Totally. Smoothies? You know it.) Avocado yogurt, though, is surprisingly new territory.  

Expect the yogurt to taste more citrusy than avocado-like, but with an extra creamy consistency. “Greek yogurt, best known for its tart flavor and thick texture, becomes all the more velvety when made with whole milk—and then even more velvety when mixed with butter-soft avocados,” the supermarket says on its website. The 5.3-ounce yogurt cups retail for just 99 cents, proving #cheapeats can be the healthy choice. 

Other notable additions to the TJ’s summer lineup include lemon ginger and lemongrass spearmint organic herbal flavored waters (99 cents each), and a mango chipotle BBQ sauce ($2.99) made with apple cider vinegar

Whole Foods may be getting the big headlines latelybut Trader Joe’s is still out here doing its (budget-friendly) thing. 

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