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Photo: Today Food

Well+Good joined forces with Today Food all summer long to help you step up your food game. This week, we’re tackling something no one wants to deal with any time of year—but especially during beach season: bloating

The key to avoiding digestion trouble before hitting the pool or ocean (ack!) is being conscious of what you eat for breakfast. Filling up on probiotic-rich foods, looking for fruits with a high-water content, and getting an extra boost of fiber will really keep bloating at bay.

Searching for an option that ticks off all the boxes—and tastes delicious? Watch the video above to get our no-bloat breakfast recipe. (And then check out our other smart summer eating tips!)

Originally posted July 12, 2016. Updated May 20, 2017.

That’s not all: We have plenty more tips on what to eat to avoid bloating at weddings, cookouts, road trips, and everywhere else summer’s taking you. And since staying hydrated is key, here are 12 healthy coconut water recipes to try this summer.