Now you can get your green juice fix in popsicle form

These four New York spots are making frozen fruit-and-veggie popsicles hot this summer.
(Photo: Innocent Ice Pops)Innocent Ice Pops, $3–$8

This tasty treat brand has gotten lots of early buzz thanks to Leandra Medine, AKA the hilariously brilliant fashion blogger, Man Repeller, who’s a fan. But with fun, juice-bar reminiscent flavors like Kale Daddy and Sweet Beets, the pops speak for themselves.

“I was studying for the Bar exam in late May, and I was constantly snacking,” Innocent Ice Pops founder Sophie Milrom says. “There were no juice stores near me, so I ended up freezing juice to make it last longer.” Milrom bought a Vitamix and went crazy experimenting with her own flavors, and the result was so delish, she decided to start her own company. Our verdict? Many New Yorkers will be guilty of loving Innocent.

Look for Innocent Ice Pops at ModelFit and Exhale locations soon.

 (Photo: Innocent Ice Pops)


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(Photo: Ortaggi)Ortaggi Frozen Snack, $8

Okay, so it’s not quite a popsicle, but Ortaggi is sure to rev up the frozen treats scene in New York City when it rolls out in grocery stores in July, with its clean flavors like Avocado and Cucumber (our personal fave), and Beet and Tangerine. Needless to say, it’s a much better choice than a pint of Phish Food.

And it was inspired by relatable, healthy types. “We were coming home from the gym, and we were craving something that’s sweet and refreshing,” co-founder Anthony Larrisey says. “Suddenly we thought, why hasn’t anyone made a juice in frozen form?” While it looks like ice cream, Ortaggi is 100 percent vegan, organic, and all-natural. Oh, and yummy.

(Photo: Ortaggi)


(Photo: Grass Roots Juicery)Grass Roots Juicery Ice Pops, $5

Grass Roots Juicery is a sweet little juice shop in East Williamsburg that caters to the ever-growing number of kale-loving locals. Owner Sabrina Linnette Diaz recently introduced juice popsicles to the menu, which they sell all week and from an ice cream cart parked outside on weekends.

“My mom always made smoothie ice pops, and I thought, ‘we should do this,'” Linnette Diaz says. “It’s been really popular amongst the kids.” With a few helpful licks from the parents, we’re guessing.

Look for creative flavors like Coconut Milk (with cold-pressed coconut water and coconut meat) and the genius Coffee and Cacao (made with La Colombe cold-brew coffee).

(Photo: Grass Roots Juicery)


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