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cooking tips

Ever fantasize of having a private chef to help prep your post-workout smoothies, or a nutritionist on call to help you make something healthy from whatever happens to be in your fridge?

Orange Chef is betting you have—and with the launch of Countertop, a new gadget that’s part food scale, part tablet, part recipe generator, they’re hoping to make that dream come true.

“Countertop is designed to help you make healthier choices, and be more efficient in the kitchen. It will suggest recipes based on your activity, hours of sleep you’ve gotten, and nutritional goals,” says Santiago Merea, Orange Chef’s founder. It also syncs with your Vitamix, Crock-Pot, Jawbone, or Apple Watch (we see you) to make the cooking process more seamless by measuring ingredients and guiding you through your prep. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to an on-demand nutritionist or sous chef.

Here are four ways Countertop can help you in the kitchen. Get ready to wow everyone you know with your culinary skills—and tech savviness.

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1. You can take the guess work out of your smoothies. No matter how much of a smoothie expert you are, sometimes in the morning rush, a splash of almond milk and handful of berries can turn into a soupy grey sludge with just one pulse of the blender. Never again! Countertop’s technology can be paired with your Vitamix by attaching a little adapter to the bottom of the blender, and when you place it on the board (pictured above), it’ll tell you when you’ve added the right amount of each ingredient and give you recipe suggestions.

2. It learns your picky food eccentricities. It’s kind of like Pandora for your kitchen—if you’re always saying no to meals with cilantro, the app will stop suggesting recipes that include it. One thing it can’t do? Remind your boyfriend of your aversion next time he suggests Mexican food.

3. It’s like a high-tech food diary. When you make recipes that are linked with the app, your exact calorie and nutrient intake is automatically logged, making keeping track of all your fruits and veggies for the day a no-brainer.

4. You’ll master your post-workout meals. If you pair the device with your Jawbone, you can come home from a workout, open the app, and Countertop will suggest a series of post-workout smoothies and dishes specific to your exact re-fueling needs. Now if only it could only foam roll for you, too. —Molly Gallagher

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