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Photo: Instagram/@therealoctaviaspencer

To prepare for the Academy Awards, celebrities spend weeks eating healthy, swapping out meals for juice cleanses, and adding daily sweat sessions and crazy beauty treatments to make sure they’re in perfect red carpet shape for Hollywood’s biggest night.

But once they’ve arrived? They can finally relax in their couture gowns, sip on champagne with their fellow famous friends, and—best of all—eat a delicious meal crafted by the renowned chef Wolfgang Puck.

At a media preview for the event, the menu was unveiled—and taste-tested—People reports. And while it’s filled with lavish items like black truffle chicken pot pie and Moroccan-spiced Wagyu beef short ribs, topped with a Parmesan funnel cake (seriously!), Puck also created menu options for every kind of eater this year.

Some of the healthiest options? Vegan carrot juice-infused pasta; taro root tacos with shrimp, mango, avocado and chipotle aioli.

Some of the healthiest options? Vegan carrot juice-infused pasta; taro root tacos with shrimp, mango, avocado and chipotle aioli; and caviar-topped smoked salmon appetizers in the shape of actual Oscar statues—and of course, gold-dusted truffle popcorn. (I think I’m still waiting for my ticket to arrive—unless it got lost in the mail?)

No matter if the stars circled chicken or fish on their menus for the evening, Puck will be using locally sourced ingredients for the entire night—and plans to donate all uneaten foods to Chefs to End Hunger.

The jury’s still out on whether Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling will scoop up the highest honors—but either way, at least they’ll eat well.

Prep for the big night like your favorite celeb—this is how much they really spend every week on their healthy habits. Or check out the natural beauty products that Rachel McAdams’ and Hilary Duff’s makeup artists can’t live without.

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