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The word “Zumba” might conjure up images of devotees shaking it in gyms around the country. Now, the international fitness giant is taking its inspiration somewhere it’s never gone before: the kitchen.

Last month, the mega dance brand launched Plate by Zumba, a nutritional coaching program available to all its instructors, so that Zumba students can get nutrition advice from the same people they trust to help them with their workout. It’s the first fitness brand to introduce a program that brings the separate worlds of fitness and nutrition together.

“We learned that instructors get asked by students about how they can eat healthier, so they can reap the benefits of Zumba classes even more,” explains Allison Robins, Zumba’s global communications director.

(And considering that we’re always interested in fitness instructor’s healthy eating advice, could this be an idea that spreads to other workout genres, like the booming barre brands?)

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Licensed Zumba instructors can pay to enroll in a 12-week e-course in the Plate program, which was developed with the help of a doctor, a sports nutritionist, and a clinical researcher. Instructors will learn the basics of nutrition-science, like the importance of eating whole foods and avoiding processed options, as well as the power of antioxidants, fiber, and how to fuel the body for fitness, the brand explains.

After completing the course, they’ll receive a badge on their individual Zumba websites signifying they’re a licensed Plate coach, so students interested in nutrition coaching can seek them out.

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From there, it’s up to instructors (and students) to decide how they want to incorporate nutrition into their teaching, Robins explains. The actual fitness classes won’t change, but some instructors may choose to hold a 30 minute Plate session after every session, others may offer counseling via email, or on an as-requested basis.

If the brand’s loyal mega-following is any indication, there will be plenty of Plate wisdom to go around. After all, you can’t out-Samba a bad diet. —Amy Marturana

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