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Photo: Stocksy/Lyuba Burakova

Kombucha, a word that might be new to you (despite its ancient roots), is officially big business. The fizzy fermented drink is now stocked at airports and on tap at your local watering holeeven ice cream companies are getting on board. And according to data from Square (maker of those ubiquitous credit-card readers), kombucha sales are up by more than 12 times from three years ago. In 2014, kombucha sales on Square across the country were only netting $48,000. Fast-forward to June of this year, and that number is now $600,000. (Keep in mind that the number of Square sellers has also grown over this period too.

Photo: Square

In Portland, OR, people are buying—wait for it—78 times more kombucha than anywhere else.

Square’s data also points to where people are drinking kombucha. You’d think a city on the forefront of wellness trends, like LA, would have to be the kombucha-chugging capital of the country, but the city of angels is actually consuming an average amount of the stuff, judging by Square sales. New Yorkers, home to one of the first kombucha bars, are buying three times more than that average.

Still, NYC and LA have nothing on Portland, OR, where people are buying—wait for it—78 times more kombucha than anywhere else. Pretty sure that calls for a toast to Portland’s pristine gut health.

If you’re kombucha-ed out, try this cannabis-infused adaptogen drink or the root-based kava drink.