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green juice recipe

New York City’s favorite Jamaican green juice guru may reside in downtown Manhattan, but it turns out he’s got a counterpart back on the island—and his name is Juicy.

Yes, “Juicy” is the nickname of the man turning veggies into tropical green juice bliss at Rockhouse in Jamaica, a stunningly cliffside resort in Negril overlooking the ocean, that’s owned by Paul Salmon, the same man behind Miss Lily’s and Melvin’s Juice Box.

At the resort, wellness is a priority, and most of the fresh produce used in the juices and the two on-site restaurants comes straight from the organic garden (tended by a dreadlocked Rastafarian named Clinton, photographed left below), including interesting local crops like callaloo, a leafy green. The property’s spa was also recently renovated to include a treatment room on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and couples bathing rituals featuring massages, tea ceremonies, and more. (Ahhh.)

In case you can’t drop everything and visit immediately, Juicy shared the recipe for the resort’s most popular juice, to bring some of the laid-back, seaside vibes to your kitchen. You may not be able to listen to waves crashing while in your organic garden, but you can sip this all summer and dream (preferably while listening to reggae). —Lisa Elaine Held

green juice recipe

Rockhouse Greens
Makes 1 12-ounce juice

4–6 stalks, or about 1/4 lb callaloo (substitute 2 leaves of kale in the US)
1 medium-size stalk, or about 1/4 lb pak choy (called bok choy in the US)
1/2 an average 8″ cucumber
1/8 of an average 4-lb pineapple
1″ piece of ginger
Half a medium-sized lime

Juice all ingredients, and enjoy!

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(Photos: Rockhouse)