Refrigerator Look Book: Chrissy Carter


YogaWorks master instructor Chrissy Carter is the glowing, inspiring, yet down-to-earth kind of yoga teacher you fall in love with on the mat and then want to emulate in every other way.

She’s been making that possible for her students lately with a new lifestyle website that includes her yoga tips and at-home routines, profiles of people who inspire her, and a whole selection of impressive recipes. Turns out she’s also super skilled in the kitchen.

“I enjoy the process of cooking,” Carter says. “It’s part of my yoga—it helps me sort through my thoughts. I’m also just a real person, and I try to eat real food.” That means using butter on toast, half-and-half in her coffee, and saying yes to pizza and pasta—while of course eating tons of fresh veggies.

One thing she’s avoiding right now? “I’m on a taco cleanse,” Carter confesses. “I was eating too many, so I’m laying off the tacos for a while.” (Ha!)

Here’s what we found in the popular New York yogi’s fridge and on her kitchen table…

Fridge So I have to ask about the Coke. Is that yours? That’s my boyfriend’s. The Blue Moon is mine. I love it. For me, having a glass of wine or a beer over something I’ve prepared with the people I love is a means to celebrate the moment. I think it’s a way to connect with the people you care about at the table. I’ve spent time in France, and meals are three hours long there. You end up sharing beautiful experiences with people over a bottle of wine.

Where are the veggies on the bottom from? Those are from a local CSA. Every week, I pick up veggies and split it with a friend. My entire table will end up covered in lettuce. I try to make it a fun adventure and incorporate different veggies into cooking. My boyfriend doesn’t like anything green, so when I have a girls’ night we’ll go through all of the green veggies.

What about the eggs? I have those every morning for breakfast. My boyfriend makes me two over-easy eggs with a piece of toast and butter on it every morning. It really satisfies me, also because it’s prepared by someone I love. I really need that protein in the morning, or in an hour I’m starving.

And the avocados? I love avocados. I swear to god it’s my favorite food next to butter. I either put it in a sandwich or on a salad. On the top shelf is a tall Mason jar filled with quinoa. I’ll make a big batch on Sunday and then make quinoa bowls with veggies and leftovers, and I always add an avocado.

What’s in the red container next to the quinoa? That was a botched attempt at making marinara sauce for pasta. It tasted more like tomato soup. Cooking for me is a place where I don’t fear taking bigger risks. If it doesn’t work, I can always order pizza.

Pizza! Pasta! Do you get any flak in the yoga world for eating so…normal? I think it’s welcomed in a way. There are some ideas about what it is to be a yogi. If it’s in line with your values and what you want, then anything should be supported and celebrated. I love green juice, and I also love chocolate croissants! I want to enjoy my life, and I’m able to do that through food. I do my best to eat mindfully, but I don’t have any restrictions.

What’s one thing you can’t live without? On the top shelf you can see a container of half-and-half. For a long time, I used to drink low-fat milk…. I like half-and-half. It tastes better. The most sacred cup of coffee is in the morning, and it’s the favorite part of my day. And guess what? It hasn’t affected my life in a negative way. —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Chrissy Carter)

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