Refrigerator Look Book: Dr. Jordan Metzl

Jordan Metzl

Jordan Metzl is not your average MD.

In addition to being a renowned New York City sports medicine physician, he’s also a popular fitness instructor and is currently training for the Boston Marathon (which will be his 32nd marathon) and the Lake Placid Ironman.

Even when sitting in a chair, Dr. Metzl’s burning calories at the keyboard. He’s prolific author, and his latest book, Running Strong, explains how to stay injury-free during race training.

Needless to say, it takes a lot of fueling to get all of that done, and he lives by simple rules when it comes to his diet. “If you can find it in nature, eat it. If it won’t expire, don’t eat it,” he says, but he allows for wiggle room. “I’m not an absolutist, and I’m not that way with my patients. I love hamburgers and pizza. But I’m not having it every day.”

What is he cooking? We did an intake of Dr. Metzl’s fridge at his Upper East Side apartment, which he characterizes as “not too bad for a single dude.” —Jamie McKillop

Jordan Fridge I don’t see many indulgences in here. Is that typical? You caught me on a particularly good day. I’m not super strict. But if it’s here, I’ll eat it. So I try not to keep the bad stuff in the house. Some people have a jar of candy, and it can sit there for a year. Not me. It’ll be gone in a second.

Got it. Your fridge is pretty sparse, in general. Do you eat out a lot? I’m a typical New Yorker. I eat in a couple of nights a week. There’s also a good amount of frozen salmon you can’t see here. Breakfast and lunch is usually at my office. I’m a Seamless devotee. For breakfast, it’s usually two eggs on toasted whole wheat bread with fruit salad, and a grilled chicken salad for lunch. Then dinner is in or out.

Where do you do your grocery shopping? I usually do it online. I’m a Fresh Direct kind of guy.

You are a typical New Yorker. What’s dinner usually like? I may sautée or steam some vegetables, then cook the frozen salmon with some rice or some pasta. I’m not an anti-carb guy. I like them because I burn a lot of calories.

How many calories do you eat every day since you’re so active? I’ve got to be honest, I have no idea. I eat until I’m full. That seems to work.

What’s a typical snack for you before and after a workout? Before a long bike ride, I’ll have Fage yogurt with some frozen blueberries, granola, and honey with a big cup of coffee. I’m getting hungry talking about this… Then I’ll bring some almonds, peanuts, or dried fruit to snack on during the ride. On the way home, I’ll stop off and devour some pizza. The salt is a great replenisher. With a run, I’ll usually have some pickles afterwards or a bagel with hummus and then fall asleep, because the long training runs really knock me out.

I do see the pickles in the fridge. Why do you like them? Pickle juice is the best way to replenish sodium for me, because you lose a lot on long runs, which can cause muscle cramping.

What about the apples? Do you munch on those? I love fruit. That’s my go-to snack. My favorite thing is apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah. I pretend it’s Rosh Hashanah all the time. Everyday is Rosh Hashanah for me. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit and check out Running Strong

(Photo: Nino Munoz)


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